COVID-19 Update

Please see statement below from the Directors.

To all members of the National Autograss Sport Association.

During these unprecedented times NASA have been following the guidelines set out by the UK government, we will of course continue to do that for as long as we have to for the safety of us all.

The government are due to review the current lockdown rules on May 7th, if after that we can give you any more information then we will.We are currently discussing the possibilities of allowing small work parties to attend racetracks to carry out track preparation work providing that social distancing practices are used and only if the current lockdown rules are lifted, these are only discussions at this time and further updates will follow.
At this time we have no ideas or plans to start our 2020 race calendar and will only do so when the government gives the go ahead to events of our type, in whatever form, and it is safe to do so for all our members, families, friends and spectators alike, we would love to give you a date that we could start racing but it’s impossible at this time,
Any form of motorsport is dangerous therefore runs the risk of requiring the emergency services to attend, government guidance is still to protect those services where possible and we are sure that you all agree that for the time being the most important thing is that no additional pressure is put on the NHS or any emergency service.

NASA have no choice other than to continue the suspension of all race meetings for a further four weeks and hope that on May 29th there is much better news.
We understand that these delays in starting our race season are disappointing for anyone that enjoys National Autograss but we can only follow government guidelines.

Our sport is made up of people from all areas of the UK, from many different backgrounds and certainly a wide range of ages, some more vulnerable than others and some who have been affected by this pandemic much more than others, the message is the same though, stay safe, stay healthy and look forward to racing whenever that may be, the current situation won’t last forever.
NASA board of directors

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