Good evening all, 

I’d like to announce this years 2018 trophies winners and champions ?

Class 1

1st SP402 Kieron Mackenzie 

2nd SP40 Martin Kerry

3rd SP3 Michael Whitlock

Class 2

1st SP9 Chris Barrett 

2nd SP5 Bob Ellis

3rd SP43 Ashley Robinson 

Class 3

1st SP401 Aaron Mackenzie

2nd SP11 Peter Lemmon

Class 4

1st SP816 Mark Kiely

Class 5

1st SP47 Robert Rolls

2nd SP525 Kevin Gliddon

Class 6

1st SP335 Ian Clarke

2nd SP217 Matt Davies


1st SP551 Daniel Pearce

2nd SP51 Jake Pearce

3rd SP17 Josh Bates

Class 7

1st SP82 Kerry Pope

2nd SP34 Darren Young

3rd SP406 Brigg Skipper

Class 8

1st SP78 Paul Smith

2nd SP8 Chris Pope

3rd SP98 Adam Chapman


1st SP1 Scott Ayres

Class 9

1st SP10 Tony Wilson

Junior Saloons

1st SP3 Ben Whitlock 

2nd SP116 Bradley Didwell

Ladies 11 (1+2)

1st SP39 Leanne Kerry

2nd SP27 Beth Coy

3rd SP57 Sharron Barrett 

Congratulations to you all! 

With us not running a champs of champs race this year, we’ve decided to crown our 2018 champs from the points accumulation throughout the year.

So in mens we have TWO joint winners class 4 SP816 Mark Kiely and class 7 SP82 Kerry Pope. Ladies champs of champs goes to class 1 SP39 Leanne Kerry and Juniors champs of champs goes to SP3 Ben Whitlock ? 

Trophies will be presented out at our upcoming presentation evening on Saturday 24th November, there will be a sit down meal and the option for people to come after the meal. Meal tickets are £23 and after meal tickets are £5. If you’d like to attend the presentation please let myself know as soon as possible. Menu choices need to be in by Wednesday 7th November, with evening tickets being on sale right up to the night. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Once again congratulations to all our 2018 winners ??? 

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